• Design & Innovation Leader
    for Financial Services

A highly experienced human-centric design practitioner, who focuses on using the principles of design to solve complex business problems.


Approach & Expertise

Design is a lot more than the aesthetic of a product. Understanding the behavioural patterns of consumers and merchants through research allows us to not only identify their existing pain-points to solve for, but also gives us the intelligence to predict their needs for the future. Effective design is a cross-functional practice, that can allow any business to proactively prepare for the future.

Leadership &
People Management

Over 15 years in digital leadership roles, with extensive experience in setting strategic direction and day-to-day stakeholder management. Special emphasis on developing effective creative teams and establishing design-focused operational workflows.

Innovation &
Product Development

Highly experienced in driving innovation and next-gen product development strategies by utilising design-led methodologies to understand consumer behaviour and their jobs-to-be-done, along with emerging technology patterns.

Experience Design Direction

Extensive experience in directing cross-functional creative and engineering teams on both large-scale digital projects, as well as R&D focused pilots and experiments.

Business Management & Consultancy

An MBA degree and the experience of serving as the Managing Director at two highly successful digital agencies ensures a strong business acumen and commercial focus.

Recent Leadership Roles

within Financial Services