Hi, I’m Usman and this website is where I share my thoughts, ideas and anything that inspires me – along with showcasing some of my work, hopefully to inspire others.

Would it be too cliche┬┤ to start off by saying “I love doing what I do!”? Well it’s true. I’ve been working as a Digital Designer for nearly 19 years now, but I still get butterflies when I see a truly creative piece of work. There is so much amazing work being done all around us that you can’t help but feel inspired to do better and continually improve yourself.

I love Creativity. Not just Art or Design but Creativity, which could be something as simple as my 3-year-old daughter using the same plastic cup as 10 different objects or it could be something as grand as a motion picture or a breakthrough technology. It’s when you look at an old problem in a completely new way. Coming up with a solution to a UX issue which is ‘so simple’ yet you’ve never thought of it before. It’s these moments that keep me going.

Having been around the design industry for as long as I have, it’s actually a really satisfying feeling to see how the industry has changed over the years. I have literally seen the idea of User Experience grow from non-existence to one of the most business critical functions at present. Businesses are finally starting to realise the importance of Design. I have been very fortunate to have worked with some amazing brands over the years and the change in their attitudes towards designing better user experiences is incredible.

Over the years, having been involved in pretty much every single stage of the digital project lifecycle, my general approach towards solving UX problems seem to naturally incorporate an inseparable consideration for the technical and commercial aspects of the business. I believe in designing solutions – not just interfaces. This business-centric approach to UX is what allows me to continually provide value to my clients.

These days I primarily freelance for senior leadership roles within design teams which allow me to utilise both my hands-on skills as well as my experience to guide projects through to successful delivery. For the last two years I have been part of the User Experience Leadership team on one of the highest profile multi-channel financial platforms to have launched in recent years.┬áIt’s been an incredible journey to be involved in such an enormous undertaking all the way from inception through to delivery.

In order to refine my business understanding even further, I am currently working my way through an MBA. Going back to school after all these years has been tough but refreshing at the same time. It has provided me with a whole new way to utilise my experience. Considering majority of my current workload is based on consulting anyway, having an MBA seemed like the logical step.

Moving forward, I hope to continue to refine my craft as I genuinely believe it to be a life long learning process. The challenge is to come across the right opportunities and partnerships which allow you to truly shine and bring the maximum benefit back to the customers.